Life Skills Training

Life Skills Training

Independent Living Skills Trainers provide one-on-one and small group training that includes:

 Cooking & Nutrition

Shop, cook, and eat healthy! Certified Health Coach guides individuals to self-sufficiency in the kitchen. This 15-week, hands-on training includes:

  • Fundamental food skills including proper techniques, reading ingredient labels, and making a healthy meal
  • Meal Planning (menu, budgeting, shopping)
  • Meal Preparation (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks)
  • Traffic Light Eating (science-based approach focused on informed food choices)
  • Kitchen Safety


Empowerment Through Employment

Get ready to work! Develop the skills necessary to seek employment and identify attainable goals. This 40-hour training focuses on:

  • Employment “soft skills” (interpersonal skills) – e.g., accepting personal responsibility, engaging in active listening, resolving conflict, developing healthy work relations, proper hygiene & nutrition, dressing for success, problem-solving, self-motivation)
  • Matching job searches to your personality
  • Developing a resume
  • Preparing and practicing for interviews


Money Management Training

One-on-one training includes gaining knowledge and skills, and demonstrating the ability to:

  • Create a household budget and revise as necessary
  • Track expenses
  • Handle cash and use mobile banking
  • Understand percentages
  • Review needs and wants and create a savings plan
  • Develop an emergency fund account
  • Understand credit types and manage debt responsibly
  • Develop savings
  • Find savings at the grocery store
  • Gain understanding of debt and responsible debt management
  • Create a financial plan and stay motivated


Travel Training

Onsite, one-on-one training includes gaining knowledge and skills, and demonstrating the ability to:

  • Identify basic cardinal points
  • Employ safety tips while on and off the bus
  • Identify bus stops closest to home,  nearest bus route(s), and closest transit center
  • Operate the ticket kiosk
  • Identify and use the preferred tool for bus navigation and route planning
  • Read a bus schedule and properly plan routes
  • Use the bus safely and independently


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